Meat Packaging

As a reputed Meat Co Packer, Pine Creek has carried out bespoke projects for both large and small companies. From delicately designed packages to storing them on the right temperature, we do it all. We have different co packaging department for every type of meat. This is because we understand every meat requires a suitable temperature to maintain its tendency. Our team let the meat packaging go through some detailed prototyping and testing where we ensure the packaging services being provided to you are secure.

From glass, tray, foil, pouches or cans, we offer excellent meat co packing solutions. Apart from other Meat Co Packers in the industry, we are the finest. Wonder why?


With our decades of experience, we are proudly facilitating a huge crowd. From butchers to other meat suppliers across Washington, DC, we are known as the finest meat co packing company. We have worked with several food manufacturers and expertly dealt with multiple packing situations. Our experience dealing with such companies has made us offer expertise to a wide network.

When you partner with Pine Creek, we deliver quality packaging at all cost. We make sure the meat delivered to you stays moist and all set to cook. Whether it’s a Protein Bar or other packaging, we do it with utmost care.

Types Of Meat We Precisely Pack

As compared to other packaging market, meat packaging is slightly complexed. That’s why here at Pine Creek, our major concern is to pack it the way it stays fresh. Now the fresh delivery requires extra effort and depends on the type of meat that is packaged. With our modern packaging machines and trained workforce, we strive to provide exceptional packaging solutions.

Here are the meat categories we wrap or co pack finely:

Beef & Pork

Beef and pork have similar tendency that is why they are categorized together. We have large beef and pork packing plants that uses vacuum packaging to preserve large cuts of meat.

How We Do It

The large vacuum packaging plant remove all the oxygen from the package which helps to preserve the meat within the packaging. For instance, meat items like Beef Jerky or bacon strips require same temperature and packaging material. Thick, sizeable, flexible and good quality packaging materials pack and store Beef Jerky and bacon strips.


Our packaging services ensure that the packaging material used doesn’t affect the meat’s quality. Especially when it comes to seafood packaging, our main concern is to keep products fresh.

How We Do It?

Once received, we rapidly freezes the seafood to slow down its processing time. There are many ways to do that and we do it all. From flash freezing to slow down the aging process, we also use the canning process depending on the nature of the seafood (whether it’s saltwater or freshwater).


Want freshly packed poultry items? Contact us now!

Experts at Pine Creek knows that poultry items belong to a perishable commodity that supports the growth of micro-organisms. That’s why its packaging is slightly different from other meat packaging. From organic chicken protein bars to other minced items, we pack everything.

How We Do It?

We use quality materials and provide modified atmosphere that slows the aging process. In poultry packaging procedure, we use low concentrated carbon dioxide than the seafood to slow the spoilage.

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