Allergen Free and Gluten Free

Quality food packaging with right labelling is very important. Pine Creek has a team of professional nutritionists and packaging experts who know the barrier between your food and the packaging elements to acknowledge people about the items that causes allergies. To provide you the awareness about the food packed food item we use labels to mention allergen and Gluten Free items.

According to the Food Allergen Labelling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), it is necessary to label the items included in the food item so the consumers can avoid if they are allergic to it. We, as a responsible Allergen Free Co Packers, make sure that our food packaging includes the labelling that turn out helpful for adults and children who must learn to recognize the allergens they must avoid.

Types Of Packages and Label

For baking and wheat associated items we always mention Gluten Free label for our valued customers. We not only provide excellent packaging but ensure to offer utmost care by spreading awareness. From containers, trays to plastic film packaging, as an Allergen Free Co Packers, we use only quality ensured products across Washington.

If you wonder about the categories and properties of our packaging materials then here is a thing you should know. Pine Creek offers absolute flexibility by providing affordable packaging solutions to a network of food industries. Our cost-effective way to effectively protect the product against allergens, deterioration, decay or any other type of violation is perfect.

Along with that we facilitate you with fully customized co packaging options so you can choose the right material, colour and its type that suits your niche requirement. We invest in packaging’s persistency to make sure the provided delivered to you is health-friendly. Also, we provide various kinds of bags and film packaging with flexographic printing on plastic film bags (in different colours).

Now contact us to begin with your brilliant food co packaging journey!