Kosher Co Packaging

Can’t find the right Kosher Co Packer in town? We are here to offer help!

Pine Creek is an experienced co packaging company in Washington. And being a reputed co-packer, we are providing excellent packaging services for decades. We have expertly offered kosher food packaging to a network of Jewish food industry.

As a Kosher Co Packer, we maintain a huge collection of fine packaging materials that are quality ensured and perfect for an extended shelf life. We provide flexible and environment friendly kosher packaging solutions that ideally meet consumption guidelines for mass purchase. From packing it right to storing and delivering, we make sure every step taken works in your sales and marketing favour.

The Right Technique

If you aren’t getting the fine results from packaging at your place then you are definitely skipping the right technique. We, at Pine Creek, do the needful to make sure you get the most out of the kosher packaging for your long-term food storage efforts.

From using the correct colour that goes with your brand, ink used and even coating combinations, we do everything right to expand your products functionality and visual impact. To provide professional co packaging, we use:


We do can packaging unlike other co-packers. Wonder how? We provide the perfect temperature and use sustainable cans to make sure your food maintain its freshness.


For kosher fresh produces, we offer special packaging trays to our consumers.


Our thick coated and reusable bags for kosher food items are mostly used by retailers. The quality of our bags help in increasing the product’s longevity.


We have a dedicated team of packaging specialists who wrap food items or kosher snack for shelf stability. These wraps also allow you to store the food items in the pantry.

Ready-Made Kosher Meals and More

Here at Pine Creek, we understand that nothing is more satisfying than ready-to-eat meals. That’s why we treat the packaging material before packing the item and deliver the kosher ready-made meal at your place. All you need to do is collect the stash from the shelf and pop it straight into the oven and VOILA! Restaurant style lunch/dinner is served.

We are even trained to deal with unusual requirements to provide you unique packaging solutions. Just give us a call for further information!