Uncompromising co packaging at all cost!

Whether you are putting together long-term food storage or simply want to have garden-fresh fruits and vegetables all winter long, the key is to pack and preserve it the right way. Pine Creek offers the full breadth of our experience, expertise and industry contacts to generate innovative packaging solutions that ideally improves your product’s sustainability. We, as a Fruit Copacker make sure the fruits packed at our warehouse, stays fresh and delivered in their natural state. We have worked with manufacturers, retailers, framers and that is why we now the challenges that comes while providing the right freezing temperature to different fruits.

If you wonder it’s the temperature that plays the key role for freeze Dried Fruits then this is not it. The material we use for packing the Dried Fruit items is the hero of our co packaging services. After all, the whole freezing this is incomplete without the proper food packaging. Whether it’s the containers, pouches, jars or bags, we not pack the Fruits but preserve the integrity and freshness of the fried fruits.

Do You Wonder How We Do It?

Fruits are such food elements that are only eaten when freshly harvested. Nobody wants to eat a rotten apple or soggy cranberries. That’s why Pine Creek, as an expert Fruit Copacker, pack your fruit and deliver all across Washington

We know packaging is very important and it is the only basic element that maintains the taste and quality of your fruits. This is the reason why we eliminate extra moisture from your fruits before we begin to pack. We use a wide collection of quality ensured packaging materials to make sure your fruits stays fresh even for long-term storage.

Types Of Packaging We Do For Freeze Dried Fruits

We use excellent packaging for you to conveniently stash all the fruits in your freezer. Here are a few types of packing services we provide:

  • Jars
  • Bowl for chopped fruits
  • Freeze dried fruit cans
  • Plastic buckets
  • Freeze paper coated containers and more.

The quality of our wrapping ensures that your fruits remain fresh for long-term usage!